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Frankenstein Guitar Copy

A copy of the “Frankenstrat” is currently housed in the American History Museum, …. “Eddie Van Halen Unveils His ‘FrankensteinReplica Guitar” (Flash video).

I’ve mentioned the EVH Frankenstein replica guitar before but as I’ve just read The Van Halen Saga book I thought not only was it worth revisiting but I wanted to add it to my Really Expensive Guitars category now that I’ve seen the price tag! Are you sitting down? Ok so first of all there are only 300 of these guitars in production hence the rather inflated price and it is a much closer replica than anything else he’s ever seen or played according to Eddie.

The price? $25,000. And yes that is US dollars so a direct translation in Australian dollars is $29,000. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for a guitar that Eddie once described as a piece of shit!

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